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About Us

The FPAI is an 'Association of Persons' as per the Indian tax laws. However, it is not a commercial organization. The five of us have come together to create a formal structure and an ecosystem for all Fountain Pen enthusiasts to benefit from. It is an 'Association' and not a company. An Association is for like-minded individuals to come together for a common goal or objective. We, the five founders are based in Mumbai, but it is our ardent hope and goal to make the FPAI a pan-India group in the true sense of the term in due course. To do that, we need the active support of several of you like-minded enthusiasts. If you feel that you can contribute to improving the scope and activities of the FPAI, please get in touch with us.


Kshitij Shetty

Ardent lover of all nibs wet and broad. Cursive fanatic. Often found dreaming about tortoise binde birds and urushi layered ebonite.
Snail mail junkie and connoisseur of colourful inks.

Mihir Govilkar

Fountain Pen enthusiast and a lawyer by profession. Loves music, reading and traveling. Has tried his hand at learning the bansuri and dholki. He loves to use his pens on a daily basis for work. Is partial to the Platinum brand of pens and loves his 3776 models.


Pradeep Dubbula

Pradeep is a lawyer with an interest in photography, reading and other analog things. His pen collection focuses on modern pens with unique nibs and various inks.
Still trying to master cursive writing and make a habit of regularly writing letters to people in the hobby.

Subodh Khanolkar

A proverbial jack of all trades. Designs and markets high-tech electronics for bread & butter but uses spare time to retain his sanity by indulging in vintage technology - Fountain Pens, Mechanical Watches, Film Cameras, et al.
A nature lover.


Sudhir Kalyanikar

Sudhir is a Fountain Pen geek, bibliophile & aspiring audiophile. Loves single malt, coffee, beer, analog stuff.
IT Professional by day.
Confused soul in pursuit of Inner Peace.
An anachronism.

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